Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy four months!

My sweet little baby girl is 4 months old today! I can't believe it! Time is really flying...

You right now:

You love your brother so much. You watch him all the time, can't take your eyes of him. He, of course, totally loves you right back. He thinks you are funny and cute and always gives you kisses.

I don't know, but you may be starting to get your teeth. You are chewing on your sweet little hand all the time. I bought you a cute little dolly teething ring but you don't really want to chew on it yet.

Your little thighs are so chubby and sweet. I could nibble on them all day long if I could get away with getting nothing else done!

You have a big huge grin just like your brother and Daddy!

You kind of rolled the other day. You were slightly propped up and I walked out of the room. When I came back, you were on your belly.

You have really long monkey toes. I think when you learn to walk you will use your toes to climb trees.

You are trying to talk to us. Making baby noises that only you understand.
On the day you were born:
Your mommy loves you so much! I love having a little girl, more than I thought I would! Happy 4 months little boop. I am so happy to have you in my life!


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