Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter morning walk

When we woke up on Easter morning, our world was covered in a thick blanket of snow. We decided to head out for a little Easter walk to enjoy the quiet and beauty of our new surroundings. This was the first morning waking up at the new house, a perfect beginning!

This is the backside of our funky little cabin.

The front.

Walking down the front steps to the road.

Our icy road.

The neighborhood coffee shop was open, so we went in for a treat.

Relaxing with a cup of joe.

And then a little bit of blue sky.

We didn't bother with eggs or anything, deciding this was a better way to celebrate Easter. Up bright and early, bundled up out in the snow, taking a quiet walk, a lovely morning with our little family!

52 weeks :: 7

In front of our new house!

we did it!

Well, we are officially all moved in! Still have tons of unpacking and getting organized to do. But, whew! We did it! I have some pics of the new house (it is so friggin awesome!) but need to have the man around the house hook up all the cables and things so I can download them.

We decided to paint and really make this place OURS, starting with a splash of orange in E's room. Don picked out the color, which just so happens to be the same color I want for my craft room. The color orange is definitely my fave these days and it is said to inspire creativity, so we thought it fitting for Chubbas' room also. And, us being so clever, we like the idea that since the 2 rooms are on opposite corners of the house, we will be anchored in good creativity vibes. I guess that means I will be sharing some good crafting projects in the future.

I will post some pictures later in the week. I am so excited to show and tell!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We are knee deep in moving chaos! Oh I can't wait to be all settled in, unpacked and back to our regularly scheduled program. Probably won't be back on here until next week when we will be officially living in the new house... until then...

Friday, March 14, 2008

5 months

Can it really be? Yes, it's true. 5 months old today!

You are growing so fast! Already wearing 12 month clothes. So different from your brother, who was always so tiny. I love your chubby little legs and cute little booty.

The other day you sat up by yourself. Okay, you tipped over after only 2 seconds, but still!

Sleeping so sweet and peaceful...

Your big grin melts my heart...

And I love how you suck on your thumb! It really is so sweet.

Best of all, is how much you love your Daddy.

Happy 5 months, baby girl! Mama loves you.

springtime snow

The past few days have totally felt like spring, then we are blessed with just a little more snow, with a spring twist. The snow is really wet and it isn't very cold old outside. It sure is lovely...

52 weeks :: 6

I haven't taken any new ones this week, so decided to go back and post a few I've taken over the past weeks...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Our little Boop has started laughing: big, full-on, loud belly laughs! And the person who makes her crack up the most? Her big brother! Those two....

Friday, March 7, 2008

52 weeks :: 5

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I am so excited to see Chubbas' imagination starting to express itself! One day he was just playing with whatever was lying around, exploring it for exploration's sake. Now he is really starting to interact with things in a make believe kind of way. Some of the things he has been doing lately: building castles out of his blocks, arranging his animals in a circle, making and setting up train scenes, cooking at his little play kitchen, and playing super hero.

Little stories come out of each creation...

Many times a day I hear him in his room playing, talking to his "friends" and creating his own wonderful world.

I am in awe witnessing the magic of childhood right before my eyes!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

up at dawn

I am not a morning person. Chubbas is. He likes waking up early. Sometimes I try to sneak in a little more sleep. But with the house in the middle of packing madness, it is not a good idea to let him have the run of the house unsupervised. So up I was this morning much too early.

While grumbling to myself about the early hour, I looked out the window and saw this:

My grumbling stopped. I made a pot of coffee, sat down, and enjoyed the beautiful place we call home.

Monday, March 3, 2008

fun times aka catchin' up

We have had a busy couple of weeks and some exciting news! We are moving! To the most amazing little house surrounded by trees in the mountains. I'll share more about it and take some pics in the next few weeks. Right now we are busy packing, purging, etc.

Here is a little of what we have been up to recently...

We went swimming with our cousins to celebrate a birthday. It's been awhile since we have gone to a pool, so it was really fun to watch E splashing and kicking and having a BLAST!

It was the first time we took our little Boop swimming. She was FASCINATED! And oh too cute in her little polka dot bating suit.

E loved the slide until he went under then didn't want to go again!

We seem to be starting to be a new tradition around here...PICNICS! Such fun to gather everyone together, sit on the floor and have a wonderful meal. E has at least a few picnics every week, sometimes several a day.

Don went all out with this one...YUMMY!

We took E to the fire station. It was his 2nd fire station visit and he was not as scared as he was the first time. He loved meeting and talking to the fireman.

And I can't resist sharing this picture of A in her wrap. My sweet girl!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

52 weeks :: 4

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