Thursday, January 28, 2010

love this!

I found this picture the other day lying on the floor. I asked Enrique about it and here is the story...

The dude on the left is ladybug. Enrique is on the right. It is ladybug's birthday and they are having a party.
The best part? "The hearts are coming out of our brains because we are so full of love."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a formal introduction

I would like to formally introduce you to our little girls.. Penguin and Isabelle.

Aren't they cute? Our neighbor that we love had a bunch of kittens. And we were loving them and debating about whether or not to get one. After the bunny died, I have been not so sure about taking on another pet.

But, we live in a really old house. And with an old house comes these little annoying rodents that seem especially bad this year. So a cat was starting to seem like a good idea.

Then awesome neighbor came up with a good idea. Why don't we borrow a couple of kitties to help with the mouse situation and then if we didn't think is was going to work, we could give them back to her. Hmmm.. I like that idea. No feeling bad if they ended up being a pain in the you know what, but maybe will help with the rodents and the munchkins will love having them.

So, on Thanksgiving, she brought these two little fluff balls over. Enrique named them (of course) and we are totally in love with them.

Seriously sweet kitties. The kids are gaga over them. They sleep with us and are cuddly and they put up with being carried around everywhere by the little people.

Oh, and no rodents. I think we are going to keep them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

self portraits by chubbas

Oh, yeah, he is pretty much a silly head. I now have hundreds of pictures like these!

Monday, January 25, 2010

hockey and hats and songs

Well, I just went through and organized my pictures and downloaded everything that was in my camera. I normally sort through my pictures about once a week, put them in folders, etc. But, I have not done any picture organization since November. November! Can you say a little behind?

Well, I am caught up now. Which means I can hopefully get back into a regular blogging groove. Yay! Here are a few pictures to catch up on some things we have been doing lately.

Anabel is loving her new kitties. Here she is reading one of them a story.Too sweet.

We took the kids to see their first hockey game. A good friend of Don's was in town playing, so we went.
Enrique was totally captivated like this. Until the game started. Then he was done.

E has been stealing my camera alot lately. There were over 100 pictures on there that he took! Everything is fascinating to him. Here is one that I really liked...

A little art making..
But I am so out of the habit of capturing our days with the thought of sharing stuff here that I never took a picture of the finished product. Bummer. It was a fun painting for Don's mom that both Don and the kids did using some pictures I took.

Me thinks we need to be making more art around here, don't you?

We have been loving getting to play outside after way too many days cooped up with colds and freezing temperatures.
See that cute sweater she is wearing, my sis made it for her and I love it!

This is what pirates would look like if they could sail their ships into Colorado...
Gotta keep that head warm, which the pirate hat alone doesn't really do.

I never did show and tell of all the goodies we made for everyone for Christmas. So, here is one picture I managed to take of a couple of hats I made for the kiddos. E's is too big, I need to fix it, but I think they are pretty dang cute!

And lastly, a song for you from my goofballs...

A song for you from Lisa Delzer on Vimeo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Project

If you have been wondering why Lisa just is not posting as much around here lately, it is because I have been working on a new project. (and now that it is up and running you should see more of me here)

VisionaryMom. com

This is a place for me to express my love of making a difference and helping people. That is what I did before I became a mom. My life was about making a difference, helping people live lives that they truly love. The past 5 years have been all about being a mom for me. I love being a mom. I love my children more than anything in the whole wide world. They are why I exist.

But, I also miss contributing to people, giving them something that helps make their lives a little better. I have been dwelling on how can I be doing that again, but in a way the incorporates and celebrates my love of motherhood, that allows me to be home with my babies, but still make an income and do what I love. (and give us the freedom to travel and pursue our own dreams)

I've spent months working on this.. exploring, trying to figure out what is it I want to do. And here I am sharing it with you now.

Visionary Mom is a place for us moms to dream.. to live lives we love.. to make a difference and express our hearts. It is a place for moms to get a little inspiration and encouragement to get out there and pursue their passions.

And, it is also a place for me to offer what I am good at - working with people to experience the love and joy in their everyday lives. To be in touch with the core of who they really are, to express themselves fully.

My focus is on mothers because I think far too often, we put our needs aside in favor of caring for our little ones. I've been starting to feel a little fed up and annoyed with myself for putting my needs last. I actually think we do a dis-service to our children by putting our dreams on the back burner.

Our kids need to learn FROM US how to live full, magical, dream fulfilled lives. They need to know that it is okay to dream and to chase those dreams. We can teach them this by doing it ourselves. They want us to thrive and be happy, creative, passionate human beings. They don't want us sacrificing our lives for them. Really, they don't. Trying to be supermom is so last century! :) This decade is about us moms ROCKIN IT!

So, there you have it, Visionary Mom in a nutshell. Oh! Almost forgot to say that I am offering coaching, e-courses and retreats. (that's the business side of it and a way to make even more of an impact by giving people a chance to really work on themselves). I am practically giving these services away right now as a way to collect some great testimonials, if you are interested.

So, pop on over and say hi. I hope you love it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i heart homeschooling

Today Enrique came up to me and said, "Mom, I want to be doing school right now. Will you be my homeschool teacher so I can learn something?"


Of course, I obliged. He wanted to learn all about the world (hmmm in one afternoon?) by talking about his brand new globe that he got for his birthday from Grandma. She also got him a United States puzzle, so we also spent some time putting that together and talking about the names of all the States.

Enrique is a certifiable NUT!

He does not just sit still all calm and cute wanting to learn. No, he is wiggly and jumping up and down and dancing around and singing songs. He cannot sit still for more than 2 minutes. I am for sure going to have to do some research on kinesthetic learning styles. Because that is so him and I have no idea what to do with this amount of energy! No. Idea.

Check it out for yourself. A little song he was singing while putting the puzzle together today...

Enrique's Learning Tune from Lisa Delzer on Vimeo.

See, a nut! I love him so.

Monday, January 4, 2010


A love note for Enrique, who today has turned 5. Five!

5 things that you love right now:

  1. Your kitties - Isabelle and Penguin.
  2. Teaching things to Anabel.
  3. Pineapple Pizza.
  4. Playing dress up (which gets its own category).
  5. Building giant forts, though you don't call them that. They are space ships, castles, boats, etc.

5 great thoughts we have heard from you recently:
  1. "What do you love more? Santa Claus or Rock 'n Roll?"
  2. "I am going to shrink so big"
  3. "When I grow up, I am going to be a present seller" (referring to his obsession with being Santa Claus.
  4. "I want to be a rock star, go get me my bongos!"
  5. "Did you know Santa Claus turns into Superman?"

5 dress up characters we have come to know well:
  1. Santa Claus. This one is serious. You ARE Santa Claus. We are your elves. Anabel is Mrs. Claus. Totally was not sure what to do about Christmas, because when we asked you want you wanted you would get mad because YOU are the one who brings presents.
  2. Superman. Not getting as much action these days because of #1, but just yesterday for about 5 minutes we got to hang with Superman again.
  3. The Mexican Chef. Complete with crazy, wacky Spanish accent.
  4. The Magician. Who gets in the cupboards and makes scary looking "poison" concoctions that probably are actually poisonous and your mom should not be letting you do this. But, it's cute.
  5. Cowboy. Boots-check. Hat-check. Rope-check. Bandana-check. Cowboy lives in the southwest.

5 things that make me proud to be your mama:
  1. Your imagination. It is off the charts fabulous.
  2. Your eagerness to help and participate in whatever we are doing as a family.
  3. The strange, intuitive, brilliant things that you say when you first wake up in the morning (and I should right down because I always forget.)
  4. The way you love your sister and want to teach her things (when you aren't fighting!). Seriously it melts my heart the way you speak to her.. so lovingly.
  5. How excited you get about just about anything. You experience life thrillingly.

5 things I wish for you in this next year:
  1. That you get your first loose tooth because you really want one.
  2. That you get to experience your first sleep over with one of your little buddies.
  3. That you discover the joy and excitement of reading.
  4. That you continue to make new discoveries that dazzle you.
  5. That we get to meet many new interesting characters that you think up.

Happy Birthday today my Creative, Imaginative child.
You are amazing.
xoxoxo ~Mama

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