Friday, August 29, 2008

mixing colors

E just loves painting and mixing up the colors. I am always amazed how pretty it turns out.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my Aunt Lou!!! Sorry we had to cancel your little party today! But the above is a little pre-view of your present... which you'll get when we are all feeling better. I hope and wish you a happy day! Love you lots and lots and lots, Edoo!

mixing colors

E just loves painting and mixing up the colors. I am always amazed how pretty it turns out.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my Aunt Lou!!! Sorry we had to cancel your little party today! But the above is a little pre-view of your present... which you'll get when we are all feeling better. I hope and wish you a happy day! Love you lots and lots and lots, Edoo!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ahhh, freedom!

Well, E is feeling MUCH better this morning! But, now, Don's got the crud and is home from work today. Man, the sickos have been making a presence around here these past weeks. That is one of the things about having kids, I guess, the constant exposure to all kinds of kid germs and things that make us feel not too hot.

Well, on a happier note, I wanted to share these pictures of E playing in the yard from a few days ago (before he got sick). I love that he doesn't care that he is naked, will run around and chat it up with whoever is walking by in all his birthday suit glory. This morning, he got butt naked first thing. I asked him if he wanted to put some clothes back on, "Oh, no, thanks mama, I want to be naked, look at my butt!"

If we could all have such freedom being in our own skin (and nothing else!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

E's got the yuckies

It is amazing to me how my cute little guy can go from this happy guy all excited to go spend the night at Grandma's house...

To this poor little sick head in one afternoon.

Our little Chubbas is sick!! And his Grandma is the super hero who took care of him when it all kicked in. So, his trip to Grandma's was brought to an end and we have been camped out on the couch snuggling and trying to feel better. Still not doing too hot, either. I thought he was feeling better but is back sleeping after only being up for a couple of hours this morning. My sweet boy, I hope you feel better soon...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the story of how...

a little rock got up the nose of Chubbas (and how it got removed)
One week ago today...
A little boy was playing with a small pebble. We had to make sure it went with us on our outing for the day. Little Rock, as he liked to be called, was having a conversation with Mama:
"Hi Mama"
"Hi, Little Rock"
"How are you today, Mama?"
"I'm Good, Little Rock, how are you?"
"Good. I'm playing with my friend" etc. You get the idea.
Well. we were driving down the highway and Mama hears this:
"Ahhh! Oh!!!! It's up there, it's stuck up there! That little rock is up there! Help! Help me!"
I turn around and E is hold his nose, sitting in his car seat, totally freaking out. So I do what any good mother would do and I pull over on the side of the road, I mean highway, and run around to check on my little guy. Yup! Little Rock is up Chubbas' nose. How do I know? Well, I can't see it, but Mama knows.
What to do?? I say we are going to the doctor.
"NOOOOOOOO, not the doctor, it's fine mama, It doesn't hurt."
Really? Hmmm, maybe we don't need to go to the doctor. We are on our way to a playdate, so I think we'll go and consult with the other mom's. They'll know what to do.
At playdate, we all decide that the rock may just pass on through to the other side and get swallowed. He seems fine, not in pain, no blood or anything. So I decide to skip the doctor and wait it out.
Later at the grocery store:
"Ahhh-chooo! Ahhhh-choooo!" Crazy sneezing fit! And boogers galore! Oh my! Mama decides the rock is still up there.
Mad dash home to call the nurse. Nurse says, "Emergency room. Welcome to the world of boys!" Great! So off we run to pick up Daddy from work, grab some grub and camp out in the ER waiting room.
4 hours later, E has Little Rock in his hand, a bloody nose and a red popsicle. And a big proud smile on his face. He was a super trooper, so well behaved and uber polite to the doctor, even after needing to be pinned down to pry that dang pebble out.
Now, when you ask him if we put things up our nose, he grins, shakes his head BIG NO and says "Nope!"
Lesson learned!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

silly boys

So I have been sick the past few days. Don was super dad this past weekend, minding the kids while I slept in trying to get better. I say that all casual, but you have to know what a great gift it was to sleep until my body said wake up. I don't think I have ever REALLY gotten to sleep in since having kids. But Don did a fantastic job keeping the kiddos fully engaged in fun activities other than waking mama up. It was so needed! I woke up on Sunday to a full on fashion show showcasing these lovely hats they made! So dang cute they were, showing off their artistry - even Andy doll got one!

My boys!! I love them.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I haven't really written much about our little boop lately. Yes, she is crawling and trying to walk, but there is so much more going on over in her little world right now. For both her and me. I can see her coming into her own person, learning about the world around her, discovering, exploring. Her little personality is starting to emerge. I can't believe she is 10 months old already! This time is really going so fast. I know we've all heard that before, but it is truly amazing how much she is changing every single day! It seems to me she is starting to try and "connect" with us, to discover that she is over there and we are over here. She is her own little person. For me, having a daughter is really unlike anything I ever could have imagined. I didn't really even want a girl until we found out she was one and then the whole idea just mesmerized me. A little woman, a future mama, someday someone will need her shoulder to cry on. I feel the power of being able to share what it is to be a woman with this little princess. Will I be a good role model? Will I teach her to be strong and powerful and independent but soft and nurturing and gentle at the same time? Will she know how to open her heart and share her dreams and love unconditionally? Everyday I look at her and think about the woman she will become.I notice I am trying desperately to keep her close, keep her small, savour her innocence and sweet baby-ness. Before you know it she will be having sleepovers and dating boys and wanting me to leave her alone. But, for now, she nuzzles up to me at night, smiles like this moment in time is her very most favorite, and gives me sweet baby kisses. I feel very blessed and even a little humble in her presence. Being the mama to this baby girl is such a blessing!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


A got her first swing ride last week. I don't know why we haven't done this yet, but we aren't really "park" people. Or when we have gone to the playground, she has been happily konked out on my back. So she finally got to sit in the swing and seemed to LOVE it!!

A little help from brother...

And this little guy, is it me, or does he look like one of those flying monkeys???

Monday, August 11, 2008

happy birthday grandma!

E had fun making a piece of art for his Grandma's birthday, which was today.

Thank you, Mom, for being such a big part of my kids lives. They love you so much! And I am so glad you are my mom. Thanks for spending the day with us to celebrate your B-day. We had so much fun!
Oh, and in case you didn't know, my mom is a goof!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama, Grandma, and Friend! We love you lots! xoxo

Friday, August 8, 2008

playing w/ friends in the water & the trees

We had a fun little playdate down by our house yesterday. Can I just say again how beautiful it is where we live?? After a rainy morning, we went out in the woods with some friends. The little baby girls hung with their mamas while the boys splashed and played and ran around. The water was freezing, but that didn't stop everyone getting at least a little bit wet!

And this one (of course) was dressed up as a pirate and found a perfect little perch to turn into a pirate ship.

We were also very lucky and got to pick and eat some yummy wild raspberries. So tasty! Now, I feel like we are really in summer! Fresh berries are so good!

A perfect fun day.

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