Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

This is the first year that E really "got" the whole Christmas/Santa thing... When we got home from Denver (at midnight!) on the Eve of Christmas, we woke Chubbas up to put cookies out for Santa. We also put some carrots out for the reindeer.

Bright and early on Christmas morning, E woke up asking.. "Is TODAY Christmas?" "Yes it is.." Then he says, "I don't think Santa came." (sad face) "Well, why don't you go look and see." Off he ran into the living room. Back in a minute, he announces, loudly.. "He came!! He came!! He was here!!" so excited!!! Really the cutest thing and so fun to be on the mommy side of this whole exchange...

Our Christmas morning was so nice and relaxing. We made some coffee (of course) and then we dug into our Christmas pie that I made (strawberry and blackberry.. YUM!). We decided to start a new tradition of pie for breakfast on Christmas morning. Not sure that is such a good idea after all the cookies and things, but hey, it's Christmas, right?

The very best part, I think, of our little quiet family Christmas morning was that everything (except one gift - which was from the goodwill) was handmade!!! E got little jammies and a sleep hat from Mama and a little car from Daddy. I dyed some playsilks for Boop and also made some felt blocks for her.
My dad sent some wooden puzzles and really cool wooden whistles that he made. Auntie R made these so pretty magic fairy wands, plus a handmade car for E, along with some other treasures and the ever anticipated dilly beans and jam from their farm.Don's dad sent some adorable blankets that his wife made for the kids with their names embroidered on them.

A simple, peaceful Christmas morning!

I felt overjoyed by the love and happiness I feel when I am with my family!

Then after cleaning up and getting ready, we headed over to my aunt's house to spend time with her, my uncle, my mom, and my granny. Again, a mellow, simple celebration.

Granny Goose is totally in love with E... She says he is the smartest boy she has ever met!! She goes on and on about how smart he is. It is really sweet how enamored she is by him.
And, of course, we had more presents...
Boop thought the socks were the best!

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration with their families!

52 weeks :: 28

kissing cousins

Too cute!!!


One of the Christmas Eve traditions that we always do is the white elephant gift exchange. If you've never played, it goes like this:

Gather everyone around and put presents in the middle.

All players get a number and wait their turn.
Whoever has number 1, goes first, picking a present from the pile.
Next person can either steal a gift from anyone else or take a new present.
This first part is pretty mellow, while everyone scopes out the gifts deciding to steal or pick a new treat.

Once all the presents are unopened, the real fun begins...

Because no one really follows the rules, which are a smallish $10 gift. Instead, you will find everything in the mix from loud fart maker toys to CASH and gift certificates.

Oh, and there is always some cute rooster thing that everyone fights over. (Auntie Dee always seems to end up with it).
So then we set the timer for 3 minutes and go through the numbers as many times as we can with everyone running around stealing presents. The goal is to end up with something good (the cash) and leave some poor sucker with the lame gift (the farty toy).
It is hilarious!! And LOUD!
And seriously competitive!!
Total unabashed craziness for 3 full minutes!
In the end, everyone ends up with what they wanted anyway....

We seem to always end up with the booze (we don't drink) so after the timer is up we exchange that with someone else, who swaps it for what they really wanted... everyone happy! (and laughing our butts off!)

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we go up to Don's Aunt's house to make tamales and exchange gifts. It is alot of fun, lots of people, loud and festive.

Check out all the presents under the tree!!

Which these two loved tearing into...

Horsing around with our cousins is always a blast...
And seeing all our our Aunties and everyone... (lots of love!)

Here is the crew making tamales (which I always seem to get out of... you know taking care of the baby and all that! -not going to be able to use that one for much longer!)
Which, by the way, the tamales are sooooooo yummy!! We don't always get to eat them because they aren't ready until super late and we have to get the kids home so Santa can come. But we made a second trip up to Denver yesterday to pick up a bunch of awesome tools and goodies from Don's aunt. (thanks Natty!)
Here is A getting all kinds of attention from her cousins....

Monday, December 29, 2008

lets start with the play kitchen...

We had such a wonderful Christmas!! I took SO MANY pictures, I'm having a hard time going through them all and decided which ones to put on here to share.. too much cuteness to decide.

I'm going to be working on that and doing lots of holiday show and tell this week, but thought I would start with a little more showing off of Don's awesome woodwork! I know there are quite a few of you out there waiting for pictures of the play kitchen, so here it is.

This can be modified in so many ways, a hutch added to the top, shorter in length, more space, etc... Isn't it pretty?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

at last...

I think we are ready for Christmas!! Really, we could do so much more, but at some point, you just have to call it, you know?? I have a few pictures of our handmade goodies that I'll share after we give them to their proper owners....

We're getting ready to head out to make tamales and celebrate Christmas Eve with Don's family, then up to my aunt's house tomorrow for Christmas dinner.

Merry Merry everyone!! Happy Christmas!

(ps-I have some more handmade toy goodness to share after our holiday cheer...stay tuned!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a horsey stable

Another project finished up! This time for a horse stable for a horse loving little girl!!

Hmmm, starting to wonder if my "orders" for Christmas are going to get done... But enjoying seeing all of this anyway...(and getting some ideas for future things I'd like for Don to make the kiddos!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

52 weeks :: 27

I know, this same pose, but I only ever seem to remember to take a picture of me with the kids when we are out walking!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Monday is our nature walk day and this week it was REALLY cold! I'm talking 1 degree outside! But, E's little walking buddy came over and we braved the cold.

And even though it was crazy freezing out, it was so crisp and unbelievably beautiful!

So, even though the walk didn't last too long, I'm glad we made it outside on such a cold day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

a very cool, very large barn

Ta da!! My husband is so awesome! This barn was completed on Friday and I have to say it is really wonderful!

I have taken soooo many pictures, and none of them are quite as nice as being up close playing with it...

But here it is.
The beginning of, what I hope will be, a new career (and tons of creative fulfillment) for my sweet, hardworking husband.

A view of the inside...

E peeking in... (it is really big if you can't tell)

If you are interested in having Don make something cool for your little ones, please send me an email (happydelz-at-comcast-dot-net). He is all booked up for Christmas, but we are starting to take some orders for January. I'm hoping to get a website and stuff ready by then also... (which I will, of course, keep you posted about here).

Please do not use any images or content without permission. You can contact me at happydelz [at] comcast [dot] net. Thanks.

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