Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As promised, our new blog Home

Well, with the big happenings and our crazy fast move into our new home on wheels, we are starting a new blog: "We Are The Delzers"

The new blog will focus on our life as a family on the road, our crazy adventures, the day to day happenings, the ups and downs of us living our dreams and whatever else we decide to ramble on about.

So, hop on over and day hi:

We Are The Delzers

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

YES, yes, YES. and yes, yes, yes

Yes, we did it. We bought ourselves an RV.

Yes, we are crazy.
Yes, we love our life.
Yes, we have no idea what we are doing.
Yes, this is wacky exciting.
Yes, I have no time to really share about it all right now.

Yes, we are really going to live in this thing, very possibly by THIS weekend.
Yes, we are crazy. -did I say that already?
Yes, I did.
Yes, it is winter and we will probably have to shower in the RV park showers so our pipes don't freeze.
Yes, we have sold a ton of our crap and are loving that.
Yes, we love this journey.
Yes, we will be ok, we really will (for you mom and e-do).

Yes, we have so much to learn.
Yes, we have SO much to do. yikes.
Yes, all that stuff to do is making me tired.
Yes, we will be here in Colorado for a little bit.
Yes, we do need to save some money before we head out. (just in case)
Yes, we will try to go as soon as we can.

Yes, we can't wait.
Yes, the kids are totally into this and super excited.
Yes, we will blog about our adventures.
Yes, it IS time for a new blog all about this crazy journey.
Yes, I should get that ready to share with you all next week, hopefully.
Yes, I am going to go now and get some stuff done so we can get this party started.
Yes, I will be back to share more soon.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, no he didn't?!

Oh, yes he did!

As a mama, you would think I would have learned this lesson already. No scissors just hanging around, accessible to my little barber.

But, noooo, lesson not learned.

And, now, Anabel's little curls are GONE!

Well, there are a FEW left...


I am going to have to take her somewhere to get this fixed.. it looks bad. Really bad.

This is what I heard from the other room - "You are going to look so beautiful..." I thought nothing of it. Then it was just too quiet. I went to check on them and there she was ~ totally trusting her big brother.
I can see this may be a problem in the future. Her totally trusting him. She will blindly following him into all kinds of trouble.

Ok, now off to pout in my coffee.

Monday, February 8, 2010

my big girl

She will probably kill me for putting this picture on here when she gets older, but MAN! This is just too friggin' adorable to not show off!

My little baby is hard at work growing up into a big girl. It is kinda breaking my heart.

Baby = Forever?

But, I am so proud of her! She basically potty trained herself overnight.

Here's how it went:

One week ago... "Anabel, wanna try the potty?" Her response: "NOOOOOOOOOOO. NO. No. No. NO!"

5 days ago... She started to tell me every time she went pee in her diaper. She would grab my hand and drag me to take her to get changed. The was MANY times during the day, sometimes even when she was totally dry. If I wouldn't jump up to change her right away, she had ways to make me do it. **Fit throwing ways.**

4 days ago... "Anabel, wanna try the potty?" Her response: "No." Still demanding a diaper change at every incident.

3 days ago... She grabbed my hand demanding to be changed. "Anabel, let's try the potty." She led me in and sat down (the cute photo above). This happened throughout the day after she has just gone in her diaper.

2 days ago... Anabel: "Poop!" Me: "Wanna sit on the potty?" Her response: "uh-huh." So in we went. She peed on the potty.

And has ever since. At night she still needs a diaper, though is not very wet in the morning. During nap yesterday, she stayed dry. She is telling me when she has to go and then goes. She needs a little help from me, but is totally going with zero fight or hassle.


Seriously blown away by how easy this was! Enrique took 2+ years to get it. Of course we were pushing it really hard and he just wasn't ready. It was a constant battle. With Anabel, I decided I would just wait until she was the one who wanted to start learning. I guess she was ready.

Lesson learned/reaffirmed: Let the child lead. They will get there when they do. Don't force it. Don't rush it. They are growing up and learning at their own pace. Their pace is good.

I seem to be learning this (trusting this) more and more as my kids grow up. Such a powerful way to interact with them. I mean, really, trusting them?! To learn and grow and become the person they are meant to be come? I am here to just provide a great, loving environment for them. They will take care of the rest.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

love this!

I found this picture the other day lying on the floor. I asked Enrique about it and here is the story...

The dude on the left is ladybug. Enrique is on the right. It is ladybug's birthday and they are having a party.
The best part? "The hearts are coming out of our brains because we are so full of love."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a formal introduction

I would like to formally introduce you to our little girls.. Penguin and Isabelle.

Aren't they cute? Our neighbor that we love had a bunch of kittens. And we were loving them and debating about whether or not to get one. After the bunny died, I have been not so sure about taking on another pet.

But, we live in a really old house. And with an old house comes these little annoying rodents that seem especially bad this year. So a cat was starting to seem like a good idea.

Then awesome neighbor came up with a good idea. Why don't we borrow a couple of kitties to help with the mouse situation and then if we didn't think is was going to work, we could give them back to her. Hmmm.. I like that idea. No feeling bad if they ended up being a pain in the you know what, but maybe will help with the rodents and the munchkins will love having them.

So, on Thanksgiving, she brought these two little fluff balls over. Enrique named them (of course) and we are totally in love with them.

Seriously sweet kitties. The kids are gaga over them. They sleep with us and are cuddly and they put up with being carried around everywhere by the little people.

Oh, and no rodents. I think we are going to keep them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

self portraits by chubbas

Oh, yeah, he is pretty much a silly head. I now have hundreds of pictures like these!

Please do not use any images or content without permission. You can contact me at happydelz [at] comcast [dot] net. Thanks.

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