Monday, March 31, 2008

we did it!

Well, we are officially all moved in! Still have tons of unpacking and getting organized to do. But, whew! We did it! I have some pics of the new house (it is so friggin awesome!) but need to have the man around the house hook up all the cables and things so I can download them.

We decided to paint and really make this place OURS, starting with a splash of orange in E's room. Don picked out the color, which just so happens to be the same color I want for my craft room. The color orange is definitely my fave these days and it is said to inspire creativity, so we thought it fitting for Chubbas' room also. And, us being so clever, we like the idea that since the 2 rooms are on opposite corners of the house, we will be anchored in good creativity vibes. I guess that means I will be sharing some good crafting projects in the future.

I will post some pictures later in the week. I am so excited to show and tell!


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