Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dirt and dinner

I am really excited about our new house in case you can't tell. One of the biggest things for me is it is such a great place to connect with nature. I have been for far too long a city girl. It actually takes some effort for me to get outside, even though I LOVE being out in nature. But, it just is not my habit if you know what I mean? For too many years going outside meant seeing city sidewalks. To get to nature took planning and going somewhere. So, even though we have had nice parks and whatnot nearby, I still had to plan to some degree. And, I always found it easier to just stay home. That, on top of living in a neighborhood that I really didn't like, has kept me in doors alot more lately than I should be, and a whole heck of alot more than E should be kept inside.

So, one of things that I love about living here is how EASY it is to go out and be in nature. We have not even lived here for 2 weeks and have gone on 2 hikes on trails, away from cars and seeing only the occasional people; we have taken 3 neighborhood walks; and we have played outside every single day (even the cold ones!).

It seems like a silly thing to be so excited about, but this is big for me. Really big! I am breaking my city girl ways and teaching my kids to be outdoor people! This makes me happy.

And Chubbas loves getting to play in the dirt every chance he gets.

After a beautiful day spent outside walking and playing, my sweet husband came home and made us this yummy dinner.

A salad with perfectly ripe avocados, grilled carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and homemade honey mustard dressing topped with a delicious grilled steak. Oh so heavenly!!!

Oh, and this is one of the views we have from our front patio.


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