Thursday, April 3, 2008

sugar high

I am still recovered from my sugar hangover after eating waaaay too many cookies yesterday! (They are yummy!)

This is E about to crack an egg! Don keeps telling me he can do it but I have been too chicken to let him until now (egg mess anyone?).
Well, he is quite good at it, just has to pick out the shell. Only one missed the bowl, making a nice little mess on the floor for me to clean up. And to think, I was afraid!
The best part of this adventure was later on, when I had put the cookies on top of the fridge because our little cookie monster kept sneaking another. Chubbas stood in the kitchen with a very serious look on his face...
Me: Whatca doin?
E: Thinking.... (this along with a very serious scratch to his head)
Me: Oh yeah?
E: Hmmmmmmm.....(looooong serious pause...)
E: Cookies up there....need to get up do I get up there....... I KNOW!... I need a ladder. A BIG BIG tall ladder!
Can't fool this one!


Dawn April 7, 2008 at 4:32 PM  

That is so cute! What adorable (and smart) little boys you have.

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