Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We have reached some exciting milestones around here.

1. That little tooth finally popped all the way through! So we officially have our first tooth. Now, maybe we will try some more real food, or not. Nursing is so much easier!

2. Boop is sitting up all by herself without tipping over! She is now majorly working the tummy time trying to figure out how to crawl. All have to say is I am not ready for a toddler just yet, so she can just stay put. I'm okay with that!

3. Are you ready?? This is a big one! Drum roll please.....

Chubbas is potty trained! We had our first no pull up night last night and for at least two weeks, no battles, no arguments and no accidents! (well, maybe one) He tells us when he has to go and just decided the potty is where the big boys go. This has been a real struggle for well over a year. Everyone said he would do it when he was ready, and they were right! I am so very proud of my BIG BOY!


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