Tuesday, June 3, 2008

homebodies not allowed...

around these parts! These past few weeks have been really busy visiting with people. And, I am not the most social person. If you know me, I know that sounds weird. But it is true! I am always so exhausted after visiting with people and then need to have some unwind to myself time to recharge my batteries. I am good at socializing, but it takes it out of me! I am like an introvert masquerading as an extrovert!

Well, not much unwinding happening around here lately:

First, my sister was here with her son, my sweet little nephew.
I am really close to my sis, she is by and far my very best friend. We often spend an hour or more on the phone with each other and talk to each other just about every day. It was great to hang with her in person for 10 days. I love that she is now a mama and we get to share our kiddos with each other. And while she was here, we got to do some fun things and see people we don't see too often.

Like my grand parents! We aren't really close with them, but thought it would be fun to see them while my sister was here. Got to share and revisit some childhood memories and get to see them with our little ones. My kiddos are lucky and have quite a few greats still alive! I hope that they get to create some memories of knowing them. Although vague, I have happy memories of going to see my great grandmother in her trailer out in the Colorado plains when I was little. I hope my children have memories like that.

And then I had an old friend call me to say he was in Colorado all the way from Sweden. We were really good friends while I lived in Stockholm. We recently spent a day together reminiscing and catching up on all the good gossip. Made me really miss living in Europe! Even though I was super stressed out while I lived there, working more hours than any human being should have to work, I have amazing, fun memories. I just loved it!!! Sweden is such a beautiful country and the friends I have over there are forever friends.

And then, as if all this catching up was not enough, I heard from a friend and used to be neighbor. We lived on opposite sides of a duplex up in Denver and had our sons within 24 hours of each other. I think you feel really bonded with someone when you go through pregnancy, childbirth and being a new mom at the same time together. Even though we lost contact with each other, I feel really close to her and am really glad she found me! I am totally looking forward to growing our friendship some more.

Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something about where I am and where I am going, putting all these people from the past in my current path. I won't bore you with philosophical babbling about why so much nostalgia is creeping into my life right now, but, man, it is weird!

More likely, it just has to do with summer making its debut. That busy, out in the sun, running around vibe is for sure in the air. Since moving in March, I have really stayed close to home, so these past few weeks have totally kicked my butt!!! I think I am socialized out and ready to spend a little quiet time around the house again. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing and catching up with everyone, but I have also come to love and NEED my quiet time with just me and the kids. Time to regroup!!!

I'm taking the "homebodies not allowed" sign out of my window and putting up the "shhhh..please do not disturb" sign just for a bit...

But, it is summer, so I am sure it will be up for only a short (very tiny) bit.


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