Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We got a new camera last night!! Now I just have to spend some time fiddling with it, so I should have some new pictures to share soon. We are going camping for 3 days this weekend, good excuse to take lots and lots of pictures. I have been really missing being able to capture those sweet moments with my goofballs! Really, really missing!

Here are some things we have been up to:

Ant hunting.
Playing magician, abracadabra!
Drawing tiny pictures.
Building houses and rockets.
Playing the guitar with Daddy.
Singing lots and lots of songs, especially the Beatles.
Making and splashing in mud puddles.
"Reading" his library books (sharks, whales and of course, trains).

Trying to stand and thinking that is totally funny.
Working on a new tooth.
Talking and babbling to us lots!
Getting more and more on the move, but not really crawling yet.
Pulling open my desk drawers whenever she she sits here on my lap.
Banging things, doesn't matter what.
Giving sloppy yummy kisses.

Knitting. Almost done with the wool soaker I am making for A. It is so cute!
Making lots of homemade food like cream cheese, bread, and fresh butter.
Working lots, I have some new wedding clients and feeling like my business is moving along.
Loosing weight. Slowly, but I have lost 15 pounds since February. I'll take it!
Reading. I am always reading. Recent topics are food (surprise), homeschooling (surprise again), and a great book called Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali.

Teaching himself the guitar, playing almost everyday. (so sexy)
Fishing (of course).
Working his butt off in his hot shop so we can do all the above! (thanks babe)
Watching baseball.
Getting us ready for our first camping trip of the summer.
Cooking on the grill as much as possible.

See you next week with PICTURES!!!! Yay!


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