Tuesday, September 2, 2008

shopping sacks & on the mend

Oh boy! These past 2 weeks have been something else. I do not think I have ever had the flu, that is up until this past weekend! The real flu, the one your hear about. OO-vay! Now I know why everyone makes a fuss about it, complains about, etc. It is truly one of the most awfullest (is that a word?) experiences ever. Ever! And everyone in our household has had it.I thought I was being spared, but no go. All weekend I spent in bed. Today, I am feeling better, and that means we are all FINALLY on the mend. Hooray! I didn't know I could feel so happy about just feeling normal.

Somehow, in the midst of all our feeling yuck, I managed to finish these shopping sacks.
I've been wanting to make some for us for awhile. Way to long really, given how easy they were. I am feeling pretty happy how they turned out. They are so cute!
I will give them a go this week when I make my first weekly solo shopping trip with the kids. Don and I usually go together on the weekend, but I'm going to start going mid-week to free up a little sacred family time. Seems we've been spending all day every Saturday running around doing errands. I'd rather us home hanging together, playing in the yard, making stuff, etc. So mid-week errands are my new thing. Wish me luck!


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