Wednesday, September 17, 2008

el grito fiesta

Yesterday was El Grito, Mexican Independence Day. El Grito means "the cry." as in the cry for Independence. I decided to start a new tradition and have a little fiesta celebration in honor of Don and my kiddos heritage.

E and I spent all day making preparations for our fiesta. First we used some cheapo brightly colored yarn to make "streamers" and hung them all over the place. Notice the "balloons" that E cut and taped to the mirror. They are all over the place as well.
Then we made some maracas out of paper plates and a few Mexican flags to wave around.

I decided we needed sombreros to wear, which were made with a stapler and stiff paper. They are totally wonky and lame, but Chubbas had fun wearing his around all day.

For dinner, I made us some yummy burritos.

A fun time indeed.

Viva Mexico!


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