Saturday, September 13, 2008

harvest season

So many people I am talking to these days are all about The Harvest. Every time I get on the phone with my sister, she is canning or baking or making something!! (Sis, you are a super farm girl rock star in my book!) My neighbor has been bringing us food from her garden and alot of my favorite bloggers are getting food ready for winter. Not us! We didn't attempt even a little garden this year. All summer long I have felt little twinges of envy as everyone has been sharing their gardening stories. And now, as all the summer's hard work is paying off, I have been crazy jealous! Kicking myself that I didn't push us to sign up for a plot in the community garden down the road, wishing I hadn't felt so lazy, etc.

Well, I really needed to do SOMETHING to feel apart of the harvest season. So, this morning, we packed up the family and headed south to a pick your own farm about an hour away. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! We picked a bunch of black berries, grabbed us some pumpkins and just really enjoyed being outside in the sunshine collecting food as a family.

E had a BLAST!! So cute running around finding blackberries. Treasure hunting! Oh and what treasures they are, so yummy!

I went a little crazy taking pictures today, almost 200 new pics were downloaded from my camera. There is something about my kids out in the sun surrounded by green grass and trees that has me go to town, so please indulge me. I had a hard time picking my favorites to share with all of you, there are quite a few here...

Riding the hayride out to the berries...

Taking a break to play... Trying a berry for the first time...

A little sour, but then she wanted more...
Don was the super star berry picker today! It is the end of the season, so not TONS to collect, you have to really go looking.Chubbas decided it was time to play in the dirt. "I'm getting dirt for my yard."
"The pumpkin I'm looking for is very small and has long stripes.. here it is!"And this one is for Daddy...And toward the end of the morning, we had ourselves a couple of sleepy heads.

Such a great morning!! Next year, we are doing a garden!


Holly Hamel September 15, 2008 at 12:12 PM  

Hey girl!
Glad to see you all having so much fun!
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I used an old pic of E and Brosey when they were babies on my website.
Under "Hire a Nanny" Let me know if it's okay. I will take it down if you like. (: Just wanted to keep you in the loop! Thanks! Talk to you soon? (:


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