Saturday, September 13, 2008

makin stuff for my girl

We've had some much cooler weather lately and that hit the panic button for me...Boop has no shoes and very few winter clothes that fit her!

Summer is easy to dress a growing baby.. naked baby feet and a diaper pretty much does the trick. But, fall weather means my little girl needed a new pair of shoes right away. She needs a little more than just shoes to warm her little chubby cuteness, but these are a start...
And then with a 1st year birthday celebration right around the corner, I decided I wanted to make a little baby doll for her. But, it turns out to be a bit more tricky than I thought. I went to start making it yesterday and actually managed to finish it, but it's not quite what I'm wanting. Kind of a goofy shaped head and the simple body seems sort of wonky and not as cute as I had hoped. So A gets a little baby to tide her over and I got to practice some before making the "real" doll I plan to give her. Good news is, little boop loves it! So all is not lost, and this little baby doll is kinda cute, isn't she??


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