Wednesday, September 24, 2008

why i don't love playgrounds...

We hardly ever go to the playground, you know swings, slides, etc. I have been wondering why that is. Seems lots of people take their kids to the playground quite a bit, but we rarely go. I've blamed it on that we only had one car and no parks within walking distance. But, now we have 2 cars and we haven't gone to a park since that happened.

Then, yesterday, we met some friends for a nature hike. And while the kids were climbing around and digging in the dirt and hunting sticks, it hit me. I don't really like playgrounds. I much prefer to take my kiddos out in nature somewhere and let them climb on rocks and run around in the grass. It is way more fun for ME! I like seeing them playing in the mud much more than climbing on those plastic man made structures. It is so much more beautiful and captivating watching them discover bugs and flowers and things.

Don't get me wrong, I know there is great fun to be had swinging and sliding and whatnot. And, I know E likes playgrounds, but he even seems to get bored after a bit. Give that boy a pile of dirt and he can play for hours...

So, I think we will save the playgrounds for occasional romps and dizzy fun, but have little nature spaces be our regular play spots.

Doesn't she look like a fairy princess?


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