Monday, November 17, 2008

catching up.. some crafting

So while I had no camera, we had a birthday around here. I did take a couple of pictures with a disposable camera, but we'll see when (if ever) I get those developed!

But, I made a few things I wanted to show off! I am so loving sewing and making stuff these days!

First off is A's birthday crown, which she so cutely modeled for me this morning.

Here is the little dolly that I made for her. I think she came out really sweet! It was fun making and I look forward to making other dolls that become apart of our family in the future.

I also made our birthday girl some banner flags to decorate her celebration dinner. We'll bring these out every year so she knows it is her special day. I'll make some for E's next birthday as well.

Our little birthday princess shares a birthday with her cousin, who turned 3 this year. And I know that all 3 year olds need their own super hero cape, so that's what I made for him.

I have officially started out Christmas goodies for everyone this year. We are making everything so that what people get they know is made with love! Probably won't share alot of that until after Dec 25th!


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