Thursday, March 12, 2009

some art

A bad thing that happens when we get too busy around here is that art starts to take a back burner. This really truly is bad in so many ways.. creativity just seems to help.. calm, center, inspire, prepare, relax, give joy. Making art for all of us just helps us to be more.. us!

So in a commitment to slow things back down, simplify our time some more, and enjoy this time when we are all home together, we have started making art again! This also means that we are going to be starting some art group stuff again in the coming weeks. YAY!

For this little art project, we went hunting around the yard for some cool nature things to make some simple collages...

There is a whole story in this one that Chubbas did, but I missed the telling of it.. Something about a house in the woods..

And here's Don's groovy creation!

I am so looking forward to getting back into the crafting/making/artist groove...


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