Saturday, May 2, 2009

a new learning place

We visited the Pueblo Children's Museum this week for the first time. It is a really great place to take the kids! So much to do.. we could have stayed for hours more.

The coolest thing was the giant wall that somehow picks up on body heat so you can make a giant "painting" using your whole body. Very groovy! I think Don had the most fun with that one!

There are LOTS of art stations, puppets and little puppet stages, puzzles and blocks to build things with, large magnetic walls to make scenes with, little old fashioned movie makers, and so much more that we didn't even get a chance to explore.

The kids really loved the giant building blocks (that BTW are just made out of boxes that have been painted). But there are ALOT of them, enough to build a kid size house, tunnels, etc.

If you are in the Springs and haven't been down there, I highly recommend it! Worth the drive and super cheap to get in.

While we were there, a few school groups were visiting. I was blown away and saddened by how little time these kids had to explore the museum. While we were on the 2nd floor at least 3 different groups came in. Just as the kids were starting to get into stuff, the teachers announced it was time to go! Our kids were there sooo much longer and still didn't want to leave when it was time.

We were with another homeschool family and both of us mamas said how happy we are that we are homeschooling! Both Don and I really felt our commitment to homeschool strengthened by the experience. We want to be able to give our kids the time they need to fully immerse themselves in what interests them and give them the freedom and space to explore whatever it is they want to learn about. I feel so strongly about this and am glad that we get a chance to give our children an opportunity to learn this way.. Yay! Homeschooling rocks!


Dragon Petals May 2, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

That looks like an awesome place. I wonder if my little spazz attack has the attention span for it yet but I'm sure there are some things he would enjoy already - like the big box tunnels. We'll have to check it out. :)

Lisa May 3, 2009 at 8:15 AM  

Yah, that's why we had never gone.. scared my little dude would just be all over the place... But there really is TONS to do.. your guy may not sit still and paint for a while, but you never know!!

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