Tuesday, September 29, 2009

just being

Woah! Sorry for the extreme freak out yesterday. Yes. I am busy. Yes. I feel a little nutty. Yes. I have a gazillion things to do. But today, today is good.

Today we are just being. I think this is all I needed. A day to hang out and do whatever I feel like doing without feeling guilty for not doing all that other stuff. A day to just be. To enjoy my sweet little people. To love on them. To soak up the sun. To stay in my pj's and just chill.

And for all this relaxing and just being today, we were rewarded with a few moments with some of our mountain friends.

I have not seen them yet this year, have only heard them and picked up a lot of trash that they always dump all over the place (well Don has done the trash clean up part!). I was starting to wonder if me and the kids were going to catch a glimpse of these awesome creatures this year.

And here they are, wandering down our road in the middle of the day. Enrique had just gone back outside and came back in to say, "Mama, there are some bears out there!" Now, he says that all the time, and usually, no bears.

But today, we got to see a mama and her 3 adorable cubs.

(Sorry for the bad pics, I was too excited to think!)

Just being. That's what we needed today. And thanks, Mother Nature, for reminding me that just being and enjoying my own little cubs is what really matters.


E-do September 30, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

I love those chubby cheeks!!! Watch out for those bears - they don't play nice.

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