Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh how I wish...

I had a pack of housecleaning elves that loved to keep everything in my house tidy! Anyone know where I can find me a few little guys that would be willing to come live with us? I promise we will feed them well and be really nice to them!

Seriously, I am trying my darnedest to get all the last little bits unpacked. We are ALMOST there, but not quite. Soon, I hope, everything will have it's place and it will feel cozy and clean in here. Until then, here are some cute pics from the past week...

These last two were taken by Don. He likes to call he and I the greaser and the bobby sockser. He has a serious 50's obsession and has this picture in his mind how we would have been back in the day. Well, he decided to dress our little Chubbas n Boop up like the mini greaser and mini bobby sockser. Our own little mini-me's!


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