Tuesday, June 10, 2008

summer bugs (not the crawley kind)

Ugh! This household is sick and I am so over it!! Coughing, sneezing, aching, the works!! It has been a good week now of yuckies. I am FINALLY starting to feel a little, tiny bit better, but Don is on day 2 of staying home from work because he is coughing so bad, and Boop is so congested her sweet little face is puffy. I think E is starting to feel better also, but good gravy! Summer colds are such a bummer. All we want to do is play outside and run around, but no one has the energy (well except E who could care less about snot running down his face). So we have been doing alot of hanging on the couch. Only good news is I finally started my first official knitting project and it is going really well and so pretty. I will share when I am all done.

These pictures are from over a week ago when my sister was still here. We went to the zoo, it was a perfect weather day and we had a ton of fun!
My all time favorite are these guys. They make me smile, I just want to hug them.
Hiding and playing in the cool caves:
I think this was E's favorite part:
Just a little Python. I totally don't like snakes, but E was all, ooooh a snake!!! Touch it mama, touch it!!! How can you say no to such enthusiasm?? So I did and I survived! Chubbas thought is was crazy fun.
Gotta love the sweet little new born zoo babies:
Chubbas spent awhile kissing this big guy (who was happy to kiss back):
And what would a trip to the zoo be without a little turtle whoopie??

(we almost got to see the giraffes go at it, but the Mr. got a little gun shy with an audience. I was super bummed to miss the giraffe porn, maybe next time!)

Ok, back to knitting and taking care of my babes (all 3 of them)!


denise June 10, 2008 at 9:51 PM  

Oh. Ick. We have been trying to avoid those buggers going around here. So far so good (crossing fingers).

That looks like a very nice zoo! Lots of room for the animals. Looks like fun. :)

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