Wednesday, June 25, 2008

treasure hunting

I was giving E a bath and he always likes to watch the water go down the drain. When I pulled the plug, he stuck his head right up to the drain and said, "I have to find Grandma! I have to find Grandma" Hmm, wonder what he's talking about, I think to myself...

Well, then he sits up and says "Look what I found!" and in his hand was my diamond earring! I didn't even know I lost it! I was so excited, saying "wow, crazy, I'm so glad you found it, my hero!" It almost went down the drain, which would have made be so sad...

Then it hits me, my earrings used to be my moms, his GRANDMA! I seriously think an angel or something whispered in his ear, "go find grandma's earring" and that's why he was looking for "grandma" down the drain...

And then, so cute. He was talking to Grandma today on the phone and I told her the story. She was must have been asking him about it because I hear him saying to her, "ya, I found your earring in the bathtub, it was CRAZY!"

My hero!


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