Saturday, November 22, 2008

the glass is half full

Yesterday, Don came home with news that the economic crisis has finally hit our household! He was laid off! Oooo-vay!!

Really, I should have seen it coming. His hours have been really sucky the past few weeks and when you live really simply (and pay check to pay check) in the first place, not getting 10 hours of overtime pay every week, is noticeable! But, I kept hoping it was just a dry spell...and, well, I hoped wrong!

So, now "we" are without a job! Ido have one wedding client I am working with, so I have a small (tiny) income coming in from that for a few months. And nothing in the hopper so to speak...

So, what are we to do??? Cry? Panic? Totally freak out?


That is how I feel, like throwing a party. It is totally weird.

Yesterday, I wrote up on my "to-do" board this:

Create Magic!

And then this happens. And, it feels like a good thing. For so many reasons that I cannot even really explain. Like the universe needs this to happen to us right now and something wonderful is going to come of it. Like we were stuck and now we are unstuck, open to having life be a little more magical, fulfilling, and exciting...

I think we have been in a bit of a survival mode and not doing enough creating... Yeah, sure we've been crafting and creating "stuff" but this is different. You know the difference when you are really living and thriving in life, versus going through the motions and just surviving.

Well, time to start thriving again. I feel awake and happy and peaceful. I feel like we are creating magic!


Mary November 23, 2008 at 11:18 PM  

I hope things look up for you guys! Sorry to hear about your husband getting laid off. :(

I'm sure things will work out and balance will be restored. Keep the positive attitude and you can accomplish anything! :)

(By the way, this is Mary from the meet up group - just in case you were wondering).

Lisa November 30, 2008 at 11:20 PM  

Thanks Mary..

So far, all is good!

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