Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my new craft room

I finally got my craft room put back together after our big room rearrange! It is SO much smaller, but it feels nice and cozy in here and I am happy that I miraculously found a home for everything! E has been spending lots of time making stuff and I am about to get cracking on our Christmas presents.

So a little tour for you...

An art wall with a mounted easel and a place for paintings to dry:Other side of the art wall:

E's "making stuff" desk:

All of our craft making supplies:
My sewing area and a nice little window to give us some light.

We anticipated this room change when we first moved in, that's part of why both rooms were painted orange. We just didn't know we were going to do it so soon. This is what we do, though! Seems we are always rearranging the furniture in our house. Both Don and I do it, so good thing we married each other! Never boring...


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