Wednesday, November 12, 2008

weekly art group - shaving cream painting

I didn't have the camera back from the repair shop last week, but we left all the paintings here to dry, so I snapped these pictures last night.
I've read about doing this and had wanted to try it with Chubbas, so decided to give it a go for our art group. What we did was spray a little mound of shaving cream on to each child's paper. Then we put a little washable poster paint on a paper plate, gave them a paint brush and let them have at it.

I thought for sure they would get totally messy using their hands, but they all stuck with using their paint brushes. All 4 kiddos were pretty silent enjoying the feel of the shaving cream and paint mixing together on the paper. I think this was the most captivating project they have done so far. They didn't paint for too long, but were really into it while they did.

I wish I could have gotten some pictures when they were first done, it was really pretty! After it dried a bit, the shaving cream lost some of it's foam, but still nice looking paintings...

Next time, I think I will scrape some of the shaving cream off before letting them get all the way dry. Some of their work came off when I scraped the dried up shaving cream off. And I think using paper with more bulk and texture will produce a better quality picture.

This is definitely a technique we will do again and again. After the kids left, I found myself digging in and making a few pictures of my own, it is so much fun!!


Mary November 12, 2008 at 12:26 PM  

I'm going to have to try this with Tristan. I'm sure he'll love it too. Thanks for the idea!

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