Saturday, December 13, 2008

art group :: tissue paper stained glass

We made these awesome stained glass window ornaments this week to brighten up our winter days..

How we did it:

First thing was to let the kids go to town tearing up tissue paper into small pieces.

Then we cut out 2 shapes exactly the same from construction paper.
Next, we stuck one shape down onto clear contact paper.
The kids then went to work filling in their shapes with torn out pieces of different colored construction paper.

No picture, sorry, but next we placed the matching construction paper shape on top and then another piece of clear contact paper. Rub it all really well to make sure everything is stuck to the contact paper.

Cut around the outside edge of the shape. You may need a little glue to hold spots together if your kids go crazy with the tissue paper, like ours did.

Voila!! Some color to bring cheeriness to these cold dreary days!


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