Wednesday, December 31, 2008


One of the Christmas Eve traditions that we always do is the white elephant gift exchange. If you've never played, it goes like this:

Gather everyone around and put presents in the middle.

All players get a number and wait their turn.
Whoever has number 1, goes first, picking a present from the pile.
Next person can either steal a gift from anyone else or take a new present.
This first part is pretty mellow, while everyone scopes out the gifts deciding to steal or pick a new treat.

Once all the presents are unopened, the real fun begins...

Because no one really follows the rules, which are a smallish $10 gift. Instead, you will find everything in the mix from loud fart maker toys to CASH and gift certificates.

Oh, and there is always some cute rooster thing that everyone fights over. (Auntie Dee always seems to end up with it).
So then we set the timer for 3 minutes and go through the numbers as many times as we can with everyone running around stealing presents. The goal is to end up with something good (the cash) and leave some poor sucker with the lame gift (the farty toy).
It is hilarious!! And LOUD!
And seriously competitive!!
Total unabashed craziness for 3 full minutes!
In the end, everyone ends up with what they wanted anyway....

We seem to always end up with the booze (we don't drink) so after the timer is up we exchange that with someone else, who swaps it for what they really wanted... everyone happy! (and laughing our butts off!)


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