Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we go up to Don's Aunt's house to make tamales and exchange gifts. It is alot of fun, lots of people, loud and festive.

Check out all the presents under the tree!!

Which these two loved tearing into...

Horsing around with our cousins is always a blast...
And seeing all our our Aunties and everyone... (lots of love!)

Here is the crew making tamales (which I always seem to get out of... you know taking care of the baby and all that! -not going to be able to use that one for much longer!)
Which, by the way, the tamales are sooooooo yummy!! We don't always get to eat them because they aren't ready until super late and we have to get the kids home so Santa can come. But we made a second trip up to Denver yesterday to pick up a bunch of awesome tools and goodies from Don's aunt. (thanks Natty!)
Here is A getting all kinds of attention from her cousins....


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