Thursday, January 22, 2009


I feel like the fast train has finally stopped. We have been so busy since before Christmas.. We were making presents, celebrating, making more presents for E's birthday, celebrating, being sick, then enjoying lots of family time while my sister was in town. It has been really fun, but now I feel pooped!

And behind.. seems like my to do list just keeps growing and growing and growing. And I just want to sit here and do nothing! That is how it goes, I think, when you put too much on your plate. You can only go a million miles per hour for so long and then you just have to stop. So I am enjoying a week of quite a bit of doing nothing and a little bit of getting caught up.

In the midst of all our running around.. we got a special new family member. His name is Eagle Earth (named so by Chubbas).
Did you know that trying to take a good picture of a rabbit is REALLY hard? They like to move around alot!

The kids totally love him! He is really sweet and likes to cuddle. And doesn't seem to mind being chased around the house too much.

A bunny! Who would have ever thought I would get a pet bunny! I love him.


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