Thursday, March 19, 2009

the beginning of the twirly dresses

Little Miss Boop is officially, all over the place walking! For about a week now she will get up and walk across the room and is getting more and more confident everyday.

This all started when my dad was here visiting. He was the lucky one who got to witness her just doing it!

She is so cautious and careful, much different than how E was, he just wanted to GO. But not this one, she will take her time, plot her route and go slow. I kind of like that (and hope that cautiousness lasts through the teenage years!).

Now, it is time I think, to dust off my sewing machine, which has been neglected for a couple of months, so that I can sew some twirly dresses. Because all walking little girls need a HUGE collection of twirly dresses, don't you think?! Seriously, I have been waiting for this ultimate cuteness with my little girl.. and with Spring knocking at our door.. some adorable little dresses are much needed!


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