Tuesday, March 24, 2009

time for some fishing

Well, I dare say spring is here. I'm sure we will get at least one more snow, but for now we have so been enjoying the sun warming us as much as possible.

Don has been chomping at the bit to go fishing, so we headed up to a nearby lake to spend the day.

The road to get in was closed still, so we had to hike it. Chubbas was a trooper and did it on his own..

Stopping to pose for some pictures and act like a goof..

It is still a bit chilly up in the mountains.. look at the ice out there on the lake...

This right here is what totally made the day for Daddy. E totally getting into fishing! Last year he just didn't have the patience for it, but this trip he really enjoyed sitting and "waiting for the fish" with his papa! Don is SO crazy happy to be able to take Chubbas fishing now...

Boop was so in love with the water. She is such a little water baby, kept wanting to go in!

The day turned out to be really warm, it was nice to just sit and do NOTHING!

And, we didn't catch anything! Not even a little nibble. I think it's me. Don has never caught fish when I'm with him.. Guess I'm bad luck!

Ah, well.. we had such a lovely day and all of us have a bit of a sunburn to prove our day of leisure..


Ramos Family March 24, 2009 at 7:59 PM  

Love the pics! You are really getting good at it :o) Is this Eagle Lake up by Woodland park? We only discovered that lake last fall, when we drove that hidden road all the way from Woodland Park to the GOG. Sure is nice up there...just so sad to see how low the water level is to what it seems it has been at some point in time, huh?

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