Thursday, April 2, 2009

ahhh, breathe..

I spent the morning at the Dr. with my daughter, who has 2, yes TWO ear infections! And maybe the beginnings of a bladder infection, oh my!! No wonder she has had a fever that will not be defeated! It is such a fine balance isn't it between just turning over the care of our little ones to the medical world and all that encompasses (don't get me started) and trusting my mommy instincts, which means knowing when to turn it over to the medical world.

Today, I am so happy and grateful for having a doctor I trust and that trusts ME to know what to do to help my daughter. A nice partnership. And I feel like we are now on the road to recovery.. ahhh, breathe!!

It has been a rough week, taking care of a miserable little baby girl. And now I am hoping to see her bright shining happy face here soon. We got a little glimpse earlier. She and big bro were playing, laughing and dancing! Ahhh, breathe!

Now I think I am going to go tuck away in the tub and have a little quiet time to take care of me...and to breathe...


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