Monday, April 6, 2009

Yes, Mr. President!

A conversation that happened yesterday:

E:"Hello Mama Ma'am, I am the President of the United States!"

Then he stuck out his hand for me to shake. (with a totally serious face).

E: "It is so nice to meet you, now what can I fix for you?"

Me: "Uh, well.. hmmm, things seems to be in an awful mess, can you fix ALL of it?"

E" "Yes, I will fix EVERYTHING! I am the President of the United States! Now, what other questions can I answer for you?"

We had a back and forth for awhile about all kinds of things that would be important to The President... popsicles, cleaning the house, building space ships, what's for dinner, the snow outside, what monkey's eat. It was a very enlightened conversation.

I think I'd be okay if my son wanted to be President of the United States. He has some pretty good ideas about how to do things and what makes people happy...


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