Tuesday, April 7, 2009

so well said..

One of my most favorite bloggers did a little write up about us yesterday. The write up is super duper cool, but what was even better was what she had to say about handmade toys.

In her words: "The truly wonderful thing is that these toys aren't just durable, they actually get BETTER with age. They begin to tell a story."

It's a great article, go check it out!

Oh, and this is new..a rainbow family stacking toy.. sooooo pretty!!!

I redid our website so that we can now take orders there directly. Locals can choose "pick up" as their shipping option and make arrangements to pick up at our house/shop.

AND we are starting a layaway program to help all you folks out that are thinking ahead toward the holiday season and/or birthdays down the road.

Lots of groovy business news around these parts!! :)


Mary April 7, 2009 at 7:51 AM  

I just checked it out before you even posted this! I love reading the Toby Show. When I checked it out, I was like "Woah! That's Lisa and Don!" How cool! I hope that your business is thriving. Oh, and I'll be sending payment for an order soon. Our last paycheck was short due to Scott being out sick for a week and not having any leave. But we get paid this week and I really, really want to teethers for baby girl - she cut her first tooth last week. :)

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