Monday, June 8, 2009

garden watching and waiting

Well, it is finally looking like we may actually get some food out of our garden! Yay!

It is so strange to read blogs from around the country and to watch people already harvesting crops when all we have are little sprouts. Gardening in Colorado is just not the same.

But, we ARE growing stuff! I think that is so cool.

Here you go..

We have sprouts on the cauliflower, beets, beans, broccoli, swiss chard and lettuce. Maybe a few carrots, but we seem to have bad luck with carrots. The carrots failed on our last garden. We shall have to wait and see...

I was a little nervous about our tomatoes, they did not seem to be doing too well. My sister asked if I planted them DEEP.. uh, no?! Well, apparently they like that. But, I think they are starting to recover.. again, a waiting game.

Enrique is excited about everything growing and getting to water his OWN plants!

Lots of mamas claim that having kids grow their own food inspires them to want to eat it. The only vegetable my son will eat these days is carrots and rarely that. I am hopeful that he will want to eat his own home-grown veggies here soon!

Lately I have been tricking him to eat his greens.. spinach and apple juice popsicles anyone?

Both the kids really like them, but the beet ones seem to be their favorite.

Next up in our gardening adventure is planting the rest our our seeds. That's on the calendar for next Sunday...


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