Wednesday, June 10, 2009

split personality or imagination in full bloom?

Enrique has been so funny lately with his imaginary play.


Little dude is obsessed with Star Wars these days. In particular he constantly talks about needing to go to Yoda's for a sleepover.

For over a week he was totally focused on building a space ship and flying to the Dagobah System to see yoda.

He packed this bag of supplies that he might need on his journey.

Baseball, check. Money, check. Water glass, check. Shovel, check. Ok, now we can fly into space to see Yoda!

Bacon Tawon

The most craziest imaginary play is the creation of other personalities. He is so good at it that Don and I are beginning to wonder?!

Most recently, he has become Bacon Tawon. He will leave the house and then come back and knock on the door. When I answer, "Hello, I am Bacon Tawon, what is your name?" And then he makes this funny face that I have not been able to capture with the camera.

The deal on Bacon: He is a treeman (not sure what that is) that lives in the southwest. He is also a cowboy. He has a gun, which is a spiderman pez dispenser. (I am not a big fan of guns, but have decided boys will be boys, so I let it be). He is super duper polite, calls me Lisa and Anabel "little princess."

The funny thing is that once he comes into the house, Enrique is not here. If I say, "hey, Enrique, come here," Bacon will just ignore me. I have to address him as Bacon (or whoever he is being at the moment). And he asks about Enrique... Who's shoes are these? What is he like? What did you and your son do today? etc. He DOES NOT go out of character at all. It is kind of amazing really.

And this will last FOR HOURS. The other night, Bacon ate dinner with us, brushed his teeth and went to bed (in Enrique's bed). Then, in the morning he was still here. He had breakfast and then left.

When he leaves, he goes out the front door and spins around a few times then comes and knocks on the door again.. "Mama!! I missed you, I am home!" Lots and lots of kisses and hugs. Then Enrique goes around and ask questions about Bacon. Who's gun is this? Was someone here? Was he nice? What did he call Anabel? etc. And he tells me all about being at Grandma's, which is where he was this whole time.

Makes me wonder if we have a fine actor on our hands. It is fascinating (and a little strange) to watch!


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