Thursday, July 9, 2009

how we are doing

We completed our first week of our No Spend Month. For the most part, I think we are doing great!

Here is where our money has gone so far this month...

Groceries: $37.54
Gas: $20.00
Gas: $5
Bus: $1.75
Ice Cream: $8

Amount Spent So Far: $72.29

Yes, I did spend $8 on ice cream yesterday!

I think the heat got to my brain a bit.. I HAD to have ice cream and the only place I knew of to go while we were downtown was super expensive. Yes, I could have just gotten the kids ice cream and it would have been cheaper, but well.. I am an ice creamoholic and there was NO WAY I could have sat there and watched them eat some creamy yumminess without me. So I splurged. And, OUCH! $8?? I mean really? That was not even for anything fancy.. just plain old ice cream...crazy!

Lesson learned.

Everywhere else, we are doing great! We had a week of delicious homemade food. I even made a pie!

It is really interesting to watch and notice how consumer driven we are. Every day I think of something we "need" and tell myself that when we are done with our no spend month, I am going to go buy x, y, z. Most things we don't even really "need" but I tell myself that anyway. And I really feel like I have to have whatever it is to be able to function properly in life.

Because we are taking a break from just buying whatever we think we need, it has been very interesting watching my reactions to not buying stuff and how deprived it can make me feel. I am totally consumer driven! And though he has not said so, I think Don is HATING this experiment. He just wants to go buy stuff, I can tell.

Very interesting indeed. I really didn't think I was this wired up to buy things, but I am. I admit it. I want to go shopping! I really do...

So, I would say that this challenge is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. CHALLENGING us.

Can't wait to see what else evolves from this over the month.


Ramos Family July 9, 2009 at 3:47 PM  

Hihi, 8 bucks on ice cream. Man, you ARE addicted *lol* Good job so far!! I am planning on doing something similar, but I will pick a winter month for that, when we sit in the house anyway..and we are not as tempted to spend money on things like ice cream *lol*

Michelle July 9, 2009 at 8:27 PM  

Why don't you guys start searching freecycle and it will feel like your shopping only anything you get will be free, and in the interim you might get rid of some of your clutter (not saying you a cluttery...never been to your house, but we all have something to get rid of.)You can also learn about a freegan lifestyle and start trying that out this month. Maybe it will take hold of you and you can find a new passion, other then shopping with cash. I just saw something by a trash can today I thought about snagging and trying my hand at re-purposing it but alas there was no room in the car. I think I have inspired myself to get on freecyle and see what I can find. Good luck!!! Ps. if you do get on freecycle make sure your hubby is involved so he can get his fill of shopping also.

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