Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a retirement and a birth

I have an announcement to make! I am retiring this blog.. Gasp! I know, crazy huh? Well that is because I am starting a new one! I have been mulling this over in my mind for awhile now and have been working hard getting the new one all set up.

I love, love, love blogging! But, I was feeling like I needed a new angle, something a little more personal, with more of what is going on with ME and with more sharing of what is happening with us fulfilling some of our dreams.

The new blog is called What Feeds My Soul and will still have lots of what you find here- art projects, nature walks and our day to day happenings. But, I am also going to be sharing alot more about what I am working on personally and some of the dreams we have as a family.

So, go check it out (and I hope you like it!)...

Also, I transferred over all the old entries from this blog, so if you are looking for something, you should be able to find it over there.


Please do not use any images or content without permission. You can contact me at happydelz [at] comcast [dot] net. Thanks.

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