Thursday, July 23, 2009

weekly art group :: stamping with paint

For art group this week, we did some paint stamping with random objects. I collected things from around the house that I thought would make good impressions with the paint.

Some of the things we used were cookie cutters, which worked really great.

I also had some balls and wooden eggs that the kids could roll around after they covered them with paint.

Then just using our fingers seemed like a good idea (can you see where this is going?)

Yes, things started to get a little more messy.
One of Enrique's finished pieces. He really liked using the egg to roll the paint onto the paper.
Anabel prefers using a paint brush most every time.
This little one is a SERIOUS artist. She kept going back to paint more just after her mom would get her cleaned up. She had paint ALL OVER her!
She is totally not afraid to dig in, make a mess and have fun with it!
And my little one had fun painting all the things we had out to use as stamps.
This was a REALLY fun project that all the kids really enjoyed!


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