Monday, January 4, 2010


A love note for Enrique, who today has turned 5. Five!

5 things that you love right now:

  1. Your kitties - Isabelle and Penguin.
  2. Teaching things to Anabel.
  3. Pineapple Pizza.
  4. Playing dress up (which gets its own category).
  5. Building giant forts, though you don't call them that. They are space ships, castles, boats, etc.

5 great thoughts we have heard from you recently:
  1. "What do you love more? Santa Claus or Rock 'n Roll?"
  2. "I am going to shrink so big"
  3. "When I grow up, I am going to be a present seller" (referring to his obsession with being Santa Claus.
  4. "I want to be a rock star, go get me my bongos!"
  5. "Did you know Santa Claus turns into Superman?"

5 dress up characters we have come to know well:
  1. Santa Claus. This one is serious. You ARE Santa Claus. We are your elves. Anabel is Mrs. Claus. Totally was not sure what to do about Christmas, because when we asked you want you wanted you would get mad because YOU are the one who brings presents.
  2. Superman. Not getting as much action these days because of #1, but just yesterday for about 5 minutes we got to hang with Superman again.
  3. The Mexican Chef. Complete with crazy, wacky Spanish accent.
  4. The Magician. Who gets in the cupboards and makes scary looking "poison" concoctions that probably are actually poisonous and your mom should not be letting you do this. But, it's cute.
  5. Cowboy. Boots-check. Hat-check. Rope-check. Bandana-check. Cowboy lives in the southwest.

5 things that make me proud to be your mama:
  1. Your imagination. It is off the charts fabulous.
  2. Your eagerness to help and participate in whatever we are doing as a family.
  3. The strange, intuitive, brilliant things that you say when you first wake up in the morning (and I should right down because I always forget.)
  4. The way you love your sister and want to teach her things (when you aren't fighting!). Seriously it melts my heart the way you speak to her.. so lovingly.
  5. How excited you get about just about anything. You experience life thrillingly.

5 things I wish for you in this next year:
  1. That you get your first loose tooth because you really want one.
  2. That you get to experience your first sleep over with one of your little buddies.
  3. That you discover the joy and excitement of reading.
  4. That you continue to make new discoveries that dazzle you.
  5. That we get to meet many new interesting characters that you think up.

Happy Birthday today my Creative, Imaginative child.
You are amazing.
xoxoxo ~Mama


Megan@SortaCrunchy January 4, 2010 at 8:28 AM  

Oh, I LOVE THIS! I am totally, totally stealing it for Dacey's 5th birthday at the end of this month.


Happy 5!!!

Cousin Julia January 4, 2010 at 1:13 PM  

That was amazing Lisa. You are such a wonderful Mother and Donald is an equally wonderful Father.
Enrique, Happy Birthday and may the new year bring you lots of smiles, laughter and all the little things in between. Love, Julia

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