Monday, February 8, 2010

my big girl

She will probably kill me for putting this picture on here when she gets older, but MAN! This is just too friggin' adorable to not show off!

My little baby is hard at work growing up into a big girl. It is kinda breaking my heart.

Baby = Forever?

But, I am so proud of her! She basically potty trained herself overnight.

Here's how it went:

One week ago... "Anabel, wanna try the potty?" Her response: "NOOOOOOOOOOO. NO. No. No. NO!"

5 days ago... She started to tell me every time she went pee in her diaper. She would grab my hand and drag me to take her to get changed. The was MANY times during the day, sometimes even when she was totally dry. If I wouldn't jump up to change her right away, she had ways to make me do it. **Fit throwing ways.**

4 days ago... "Anabel, wanna try the potty?" Her response: "No." Still demanding a diaper change at every incident.

3 days ago... She grabbed my hand demanding to be changed. "Anabel, let's try the potty." She led me in and sat down (the cute photo above). This happened throughout the day after she has just gone in her diaper.

2 days ago... Anabel: "Poop!" Me: "Wanna sit on the potty?" Her response: "uh-huh." So in we went. She peed on the potty.

And has ever since. At night she still needs a diaper, though is not very wet in the morning. During nap yesterday, she stayed dry. She is telling me when she has to go and then goes. She needs a little help from me, but is totally going with zero fight or hassle.


Seriously blown away by how easy this was! Enrique took 2+ years to get it. Of course we were pushing it really hard and he just wasn't ready. It was a constant battle. With Anabel, I decided I would just wait until she was the one who wanted to start learning. I guess she was ready.

Lesson learned/reaffirmed: Let the child lead. They will get there when they do. Don't force it. Don't rush it. They are growing up and learning at their own pace. Their pace is good.

I seem to be learning this (trusting this) more and more as my kids grow up. Such a powerful way to interact with them. I mean, really, trusting them?! To learn and grow and become the person they are meant to be come? I am here to just provide a great, loving environment for them. They will take care of the rest.


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