Thursday, August 21, 2008

the story of how...

a little rock got up the nose of Chubbas (and how it got removed)
One week ago today...
A little boy was playing with a small pebble. We had to make sure it went with us on our outing for the day. Little Rock, as he liked to be called, was having a conversation with Mama:
"Hi Mama"
"Hi, Little Rock"
"How are you today, Mama?"
"I'm Good, Little Rock, how are you?"
"Good. I'm playing with my friend" etc. You get the idea.
Well. we were driving down the highway and Mama hears this:
"Ahhh! Oh!!!! It's up there, it's stuck up there! That little rock is up there! Help! Help me!"
I turn around and E is hold his nose, sitting in his car seat, totally freaking out. So I do what any good mother would do and I pull over on the side of the road, I mean highway, and run around to check on my little guy. Yup! Little Rock is up Chubbas' nose. How do I know? Well, I can't see it, but Mama knows.
What to do?? I say we are going to the doctor.
"NOOOOOOOO, not the doctor, it's fine mama, It doesn't hurt."
Really? Hmmm, maybe we don't need to go to the doctor. We are on our way to a playdate, so I think we'll go and consult with the other mom's. They'll know what to do.
At playdate, we all decide that the rock may just pass on through to the other side and get swallowed. He seems fine, not in pain, no blood or anything. So I decide to skip the doctor and wait it out.
Later at the grocery store:
"Ahhh-chooo! Ahhhh-choooo!" Crazy sneezing fit! And boogers galore! Oh my! Mama decides the rock is still up there.
Mad dash home to call the nurse. Nurse says, "Emergency room. Welcome to the world of boys!" Great! So off we run to pick up Daddy from work, grab some grub and camp out in the ER waiting room.
4 hours later, E has Little Rock in his hand, a bloody nose and a red popsicle. And a big proud smile on his face. He was a super trooper, so well behaved and uber polite to the doctor, even after needing to be pinned down to pry that dang pebble out.
Now, when you ask him if we put things up our nose, he grins, shakes his head BIG NO and says "Nope!"
Lesson learned!


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