Thursday, November 20, 2008

nature friends

It has become so normal for us to have wild animals come by for a visit. I forget that lots of people don't get to see bears or deer right up close all the time. So, I have been really trying to be present when they come by and allow myself to be wowed.

The other day we had some sweet little deer hanging out in the yard. E and I hung out watching them out the window for awhile, totally amazed! Then Chubbas decided he wanted to go out and play with them, so off he went.

Of course, he scared them off, but it was fun watching him trying to sneak around and get close to them. He did end up only a few feet away while they were cautiously watching him to see what he would do. E just stood there quiet, talking to them.. "hello deer, do you want to play with me?"

And after they ran off, he stood at the fence, calling after them.. "here deer, here deer, come back!"


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