Monday, December 15, 2008

batman has never met a girl before...

... a play by Chubbas.

The scene:
Mama, Boop and Chubbas are playing on the floor.

Chubbas: "Let's play Batman has never met a girl before!"

Mama: "Ok, how do we play?"

Chubbas: "I will be Batman (puts on his batman slippers aka his costume) and you will be the girl."

E leaves the room and walks back in.

Chubbas: "First we have to stop and look both ways before we cross the street."
looks both ways then crosses the "street"
approaches the girl (aka) Mama

Chubbas: (with hand extended) "Hello, I am Batman, what's YOUR name?"

Mama: "My name is Lisa, it' s nice to meet you."
shake hands

Chubbas: "Nice to meet you. I've never met a GIRL before."
serious, comical face

Chubbas: "Well, Lisa, you can be my girlfriend and this baby (points to Boop) can be the child."
takes Mama's hand

Chubbas: "Let's cross the road.... but, first we have to look both ways..."



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