Tuesday, January 6, 2009

art group: painting and the perfect kid party!

One of E's little buddies has a birthday 2 days earlier, so we decided to make art day a mini birthday party as well.

Since it was his birthday, I asked Chubbas what kind of art he would like to do for art day. Painting. Should have known!!
Nothing fancy, just plain old have fun painting!

Then we broke out the brownie cupcakes....

Funny how chocolate makes everyone happy...

This, to me, is the perfect kid party. Seriously. We haven't done art day since before Christmas and the kids just got into it. So quiet and serious, making their wonderful art! They were all so well behaved. Then a little sweet treat, not too much. And a few presents - some handmade (adorable) and the others small and sweet and thoughtful. Perfect!!


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