Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a really fun weekend. Our awesome, wonderful neighbor, who we love so much, celebrated her 50th Bday..

She is a real "kid person" so the party was more like a kid party. And in her generous spirit, she made it so that all of us us April birthday people got to share her party with her. The kiddos had so much fun chasing balloons, busting open the pinata, blowing bubbles and dying easter eggs.

I took this picture and was shocked at how much it looks like either me or my sister. Seriously, this photo looks more like one of my kid pictures than a picture of my daughter. Mom? Who does it look more like - me or Rebecca? I can't tell and need your expert opinion.

Then we had a nice and mellow Easter morning. It was snowing (of course) so we did our Easter egg hunt in the house. E had a BLAST!

A few days before we dyed our eggs using natural dyes.

We used purple cabbage, beets, turmeric and spinach.

The spinach and cabbage didn't work too well, but the beets and turmeric did! I love dying things! Don't know why, but I think it is super fun. I think I need to do some internet searching for cool dying projects we can do.

Hope everyone had a happy and fun Easter weekend!

This picture, by the way, is of the Easter Bunny and his dog.


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