Wednesday, May 27, 2009

little sprouts :: a garden report

Well, we FINALLY have some little sprouts in our garden!

I think all that rain really helped, but it did manage to make a mess of things! We had to spend quite a bit of time "repairing" our garden, cleaning up what looked like a bit of a flood that washed our little sprouts all over the place.

And, thanks to the generosity of a couple of our friends, we now have some tomatoes and peppers in the ground waiting to grow big!

So great to have nice people around us! I got emails from 2 different people asking if we wanted some extra plants that they had started. And since we have this HUGE plot, both thought we might want to take them..

Heck, yeah! On our to do list was to go get some tomato starts and now we don't have to! totally cool. I love it when life lends a hand like that...

Some protection from the wind until these little dudes can hold their own...

And what did we do with the kids while we fixed things, pulled weeds and spent way more time down at the garden than we had planned?

Why, make a big, huge mud puddle of course!!!

By the end of this morning, Enrique was running around naked, introducing himself to little girls - "do you like my underwear?", Anabel looked like a mud monster and my car now resembles a pond... ahh, good times!


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