Sunday, May 10, 2009

moments of motherhood

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mama's (and especially to mine)...

I love being a mom, even with our crazy days and nutty kid moments. I love watching my kids.. they are amazing. I love nuzzling them, cuddle time, laughing with them, their soft skin, their pure joy, their emerging independence, the way they love each other, the way they adore their papa, the way they need me in those desperate moments when only mama will do, the sound of their laughter, the noise their feet make when they are running around the house. I love them. So very much.

I found this poem the other day that made me smile.

Moments of Motherhood by Donner

Crash of glass and I about faced
mid-fold toward the unwelcomed
sound. Too many chores
and now this interruption.
Sarah stood shell-shocked,
toes recoiled from shards
and slivers; a puddle
swept around the footstool,
carrying the head of a daisy
in its wake.

Small hands pulled at the
pockets of dandelion-stained shorts,
never to come clean; cockleburrs
velcroed to once-white socks;
a decision made as quickly
as the jar was changed
into fragments.

Brown eyes never left my back
as I walked to the hutch and
took out a prized vase of cut crystal,
then stooped to collect
the weeds that had been plucked
with childish wonder.

And Sarah arranged her
priceless bouquet as I
mopped up the glass shards
and water.

I hope all the mama's out there are getting spoiled and loved on a little bit extra today!


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